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Lake Dam Bridge Replacement

Grand Re-opening on August 1st! After five years, I am pleased to announce that the bridge will officially re-open on August 1st. Our fun ceremony will give community members the chance to walk, dance, or jog across the new Lake Dam Bridge! Come by and take some photos, ask City staff questions, and share some of your stories about our famous bridge! We will have a more formal event later in August to update the neighborhood on the many projects underway (bridges, sidewalk projects, flooding prevention projects, traffic calming, and more. 

Oak City Multi-Services Center

I was proud to support the development and funding of the Oak City Multi-Services Center. This is a joint project of the City of Raleigh, Wake County, the Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness, and Catholic Charities. The Center will help people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness connect to services that will help them transition to permanent housing and access economic, medical, mental health and employment assistance. The space will meet basic needs, including access to telephones, computers, restrooms, bathing facilities and laundry. Meals will be distributed on each weekend.

Dix Park Master Plan Passed

On February 12 2019, the Raleigh City Council passed unanimously, the Dix Park Master Plan. The intention of the City is to create a great park, a beloved public space, a common ground for all of Raleigh to enjoy.  A place that reflects the broadest desires and opportunities for the community. Future generations will see this as a transformational moment in Raleigh’s history.   The Master Plan is just the beginning of what will be an exciting, inclusive process to realize the greatest potential of Dix Park for many years to come.


Carolina Pines Avenue Stormwater and Sidewalks

Beginning in 2019 from Carolina Pines Avenue from Lake Wheeler Road to S, Saunders Street will be redesigned. The project will improve mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic while improving safety throughout this important corridor. This funding is coming from the cities transportation bond.

Mobile Commerce

New ordinance passed in May 2019 to define and provide standards for Mobile Commerce. The UDO will regulate the locations of the sale of goods and services. Mobile commerce will extend the reach of existing businesses and provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

Kaplan Drive Traffic Calming

In 2018, the traffic calming and beatification was completed.  This project is helping reduce speed on this secondary artery in our community.  The beautification of the street included adding new trees, plantings, and side walk extensions-all making the street safer and more attractive.

Lorimer Drive Stormwater & Sidewalks

Currently under construction this project provide much needed stormwater and erosion control.  In addition, sidewalks are being installed to allow safe pedestrian traffic from residences to the local elementary school and city parks.

Micro Mobility Partnerships

There are numerous modes of transportation available in the City of Raleigh. As the City continues to grow it is developing a sustainable infrastructure that includes electric vehicle charging stations, affordable transit such as scooters and bike share which are filling a real transportation gap, bicycle lanes, and greenway trails. All of these alternatives lead to a cleaner and healthier environment for those who live, work, and play in Raleigh.

Pineview Drive Traffic Calming

Traffic calming treatment will be installed and completed by the end of the summer 2019. This is a much needed safety improvement for the residents living on Pineview Dr.

Swift Drive Stormwater & Sidewalks

Currently under construction, this project provide much needed stormwater and erosion control on Simmons Branch. Homes in this area have experienced severe flooding for decades. In addition, sidewalks are being installed to allow safe pedestrian passage to local schools and parks.

Southern Gateway Study Passed

South Saunders Street and South Wilmington Street form the southern gateway to Raleigh. These roads are also major transportation corridors that connect the community to Downtown and I-40. The first phase of the project identifying the issues and vision for this area. The second phase focused on design ideas and to create an implementation plan. The last phase, the updated final study report and corresponding comprehensive plan amendments, were reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council and both bodies recommended unanimous approval of these items. Next steps will be securing funding to take the vision for revitalization of the Southern Gateway corridor and implement the plan.

Tryon Road Bridge and Expansion

This project will complete the last portion of the Tryon Rd. widening project. Project will widen and rehabilitate Tryon Road between Lake Wheeler Road and Par Drive, connecting with the previously-widened sections.This will improve traffic flow, as well as improve pedestrian safety and accessibility. The improved corridor will feature a four-lane, divided curb and gutter roadway with bike lanes, turn lanes, and sidewalks. Construction contracts to be awarded later summer 2019.

Free Bus Passes for High School Students

In August 2018, teens were allowed to travel fare-free throughout Wake County. I am very proud of this project since it increases independence for teens as it increases their accessibility to community resources including various public schools. We hope it will also cultivate life-long transit riders as our city grows. Since inception, nearly 72,000 teens have taken trips on GoRaleigh.

I-440 Expansion Project
This project will allow for modification and/or rehabilitation of interchanges and structures on I-440 within the project limits. The length of the proposed project is approximately five miles. The road project will widen I-440 from just south of Walnut Street in Cary to north of Wade Avenue in Raleigh. It will include the replacement of the existing pavement and bridges along this segment, as well as upgraded interchanges. The four-lane section of I-440 through the project study area forms a bottleneck between the six-lane sections to the north and south. Project will alleviate the bottleneck.
Accessory Dwelling Units

This is a dwelling unit that is located on the same lot as a house but is smaller in size and is used independently. Approval of an ADU is allowed within the boundaries of an ADU overlay district determined by rezoning application process. On February 19, 2019, City Council adopted the ordinance to create ADU overlay districts, which will take effect May 20, 2019.